Viktor Vaughn Vaudeville Villian

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MF DOOM's Sound-Ink Records / Traffic Entertainment Group third studio album Vaudeville Villain released in 2003. Singles include "Rae Dawn", "Saliva" , "Mr. Clean", and more. Now available on silver vinyl on a 2LP. 

Track list:

A1 Overture
A2 Vaudeville Villain
A3 Lickupon
A4 The Drop
A5 Lactose And Lecithin
B1 A Dead Mouse
B2 Rae Dawn
B3 Let Me Watch (Featuring Nikki)
C1 Saliva
C2 Modern Day Mugging
C3 Open Mic Nite (Featuring Creature, Dr. Moreau, Lord Sear)
D1 Never Dead (Featuring Curtis Strifer)
D2 Popsnot
D3 Mr. Clean
D4 G.M.C.