Vince Stapes Ramona Park Broke My Heart

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Vince Staples's Motown / Blacksmith fifth studio album Ramona Park Broke My Heart released in 2022. Singles include "Magic", "Rose Street" , and more. Now available on black vinyl on a 1LP. 

Track list:

A1 The Beach
A2 aye! (Free The Homies)
A3 DJ Quick
A4 Magic (Featuring Mustard)
A5 Nameless
A6 When Sparks Fly
A7 East Point Prayer (Featuring Lil Baby)
A8 Slide
B1 Papercuts
B2 Lemonade (Featuring Ty Dolla $ign)
B3 Player Ways
B4 Mama's Boy
B5 Bang That (Featuring Mustard)
B6 The Spirit Of Monster Kody
B7 Rose Street
B8 The Blues