Billie Eilish Happier Than Ever

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Billie Eilish's Darkroom / Interscope second studio album Happier Than Ever released in 2021. Singles include "My Future", "Therefore I Am", "Your Power", Lost Cause", "NDA", "Happier Than Ever", and more. Now available on black vinyl on a 2LP. 

Track list:

A1 Getting Older
A2 I Didn't Change My Number
A3 Billie Bossa Nova
A4 My Future
B1 Oxytocin
B2 Goldwing
B3 Lost Cause
B4 Halley's Comet
C1 Not My Responsibility
C2 Overheated
C3 Everybody Dies
C4 Your Power
D2 Therefore I Am
D3 Happier Than Ever
D4 Male Fantasy