Chance The Rapper 10 Day

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Chance The Rapper's self released debut mixtape 10 Day released in 2012. Singles include "Long Time", "Family", and more. Now available on black vinyl on a 2LP. 

Track list:

A1 14,400 Minutes
A2 Nostalgia
A3 Missing You
A4 Windows (Featuring Akenya Seymour, Alex Wiley)
B1 Brain Cells
B2 Long Time
B3 22 Offs
B4 U Got Me Fucked Up
C1 Family (Featuring Sulaiman, Vic Mensa)
C2 Juke Juke
C3 Fuck You Tahm Bout
D1 Long Time II (Featuring Nico Segal)
D2 Prom Night
D3 Hey Ma (Featuring Lili K, Peter Cottontale)