Mac Millers K.I.D.S. 'Kickin Incredibly Dope Sh*t'

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Mac Miller's Rostrum fourth mixtape K.I.D.S. 'Kickin Incredibly Dope Sh*t' released in 2010. Singles include "Don't Mind If I Do", "Knock Knock", "Face in The Crowd", and more. Now available on black vinyl on a 2LP.

Track list:

A1 Kickin ' Incredibly Dope Sh*t (Intro)
A2 Outside
A3 Get Em Up
A4 Nikes On My Feet
A5 Senior Skip Day
B1 The Spins
B2 Don't Mind If I Do
B3 Paper Route (Featuring Chevy Woods)
B4 Good Evening
B5 Ride Around
C1 Knock Knock
C2 Mad Flava, Heavy Flow (Interlude)
C3 Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza
C4 All I Want Is You
C5 Poppy
C6 Face In The Crowd