Playboi Carti Whole Lotta Red

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Playboi Carti's AWGE / Interscope second studio album Whole Lotta Red released in 2020. Singles include "Die Lit", "Whole Lotta Red", "Narcissist" and more. Now available on black vinyl on a 2LP.

Track list:

A1 Rockstar Made
A2 Go2DaMoon (Featuring Kanye West)
A3 Stop Breathing
A4 Beno!
A5 JumpOutTheHouse
A6 M3tamorphosis
B1 Slay3r
B2 No SI33p
B3 New Tank
B4 Teen X (Featuring Future)
B5 Meh
B6 Vamp Anthem
C1 New N3on
C2 Control
C3 Punk Monk
C4 On That Time
C5 King Vamp
D1 Sky
D2 Over
D3 ILoveUIHateU
D4 Die4Guy
D5 Not Playing
D6 F33l Lik3 Dyin